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The word on the street.

A-boards are portable signs suitable for displaying in public places. They are often used to direct people towards a business and to indicate that the business is open. Designs are usually simple so information can be absorbed at a glance.

A Guide to A-Boards

Top Swinger Rotating Sign
The A-boards supplied by Stamford Engraving have metal panels with a powder-coated finish. They are available in a range of colours, sizes and styles. Some have an extra panel at the top, a semi-circle or a rectangle.

Other types of street-signs include top-swingers (pictured top left) and rotating signs (bottom left). Top-swingers have a PVC panel attached to a metal frame at the top. Rotating signs spin in the wind. They are supplied with a heavy base for added stability.

Stamford Engraving can add graphics to any type of A-board, new or old. Graphics can include colour photographs or a combination of lettering and logos. Old graphics can be removed if required.
Image Type No. Overall Size Panel Size Weight
A-Board Type 1 1.
Top Panel A-Board
1.1 870 x 487mm A2 Poster 13kg
1.2 1140 x 600mm 20 x 30" Poster 18kg
1.3 1220 x 665mm A1 Poster 19kg
A-Board Type 2 2.
Budget A-Board
2.1 765 x 450mm 700 x 450mm 8kg
2.2 765 x 450mm 640 x 450mm 8kg
2.3 850 x 600mm 730 x 600mm 12kg
2.4 1000 x 600mm 880 x 600mm 13kg
A-Board Type 3 3.
3.1 938 x 486mm A2 Poster 13kg
3.2 1190 x 597mm 20 x 30" Poster 19kg
3.3 1250 x 675mm A1 Poster 24kg
A-Board Type 4 4.
Standard A-Board
4.1 781 x 485mm A2 Poster 12kg
4.2 1050 x 597mm 20 x 30" Poster 16kg
4.3 1120 x 661mm A1 Poster 18kg
4.4 1310 x 843mm 30 x 40" Poster 32kg

Other types are available on request.