Hanging Signs

• Selection of brackets

• Fittings included

• Rectangular or oval panels

• Rounded corners if required

• Lettering, logos or images

• Replacement parts available

• Existing signs renovated

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Hanging Sign

A bit off the wall.

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Hanging Signs

To keep you in suspense.

Hanging signs are a type of sign prominently displayed by shops and businesses. They usually have a top-swinging panel attached to a projecting wall bracket. The bracket is fixed to an external wall of the premises.

Perpendicular protrusions prominent from pavements.
For shops to be sighted from a sidelong approach.
To be seen from afar like a beckoning star.

A Guide to Hanging Signs

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The hanging signs supplied by Stamford Engraving usually consist of a bracket, a panel and fixings. Vinyl graphics are applied to both sides of the panel.

There are several different styles of bracket. Each is constructed from welded metal with a powder-coated finish. They are available in a range of colours. Some types have alternative size options for landscape and portrait panels. The fixings are either black or white.

The panels can be rectangles with rounded corners or ovals. They are made from powder-coated metal or 3mm PVC. The rectangular panels can be portrait or landscape and are available in two sizes, 454 x 596mm or 494 x 700mm. The oval panels are 324 x 590mm.