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Screen Printing

Another fine mesh.

Screen printing is a method of printing which uses a mesh screen to hold ink-blocking stencils of images. A squeegee blade is moved across the screen to force ink through the mesh openings and print the image on a substrate.

A squeegee glide over an inky interface.
An image caught on taut silk, a tightly-stretched skin.
A perforated canvas, a microscopic mesh.
The holes on which the whole thing rests.

A Guide to Screen Printing

The screen printing offered by Stamford Engraving is suitable for high-volume jobs such as stickers, metal nameplates and labels. The maximum print area is 240 x 180mm.

A screen is prepared by spreading a photosensitive emulsion on the surface of the mesh. A black image on transparent film is placed against the dried emulsion and exposed to light. The light causes the emulsion to harden and bind to the screen.

Each colour is printed separately and allowed to dry before more colours are added. Guillotining, kiss-cutting and hole-punching are carried out if required.

Beneath the screen a blank awaits,
A plain white sticker in a nervous state,
Pushed against guides to await its fate,
A vinyl piece in a darkened place.

A vacuum looms, a vroom fills the room,
The atmosphere's heavy with impending doom...
Hold on tight... it's too late to fight...
Schhhmmmppphhh! Light! Not quite so white!