Switch Panels

Switch Panel

• Circular holes

• Square holes

• Legend clearance

• Accurate dimensions

• Bevelled edges

• Choice of colours

• 1˝mm or 3mm thick

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Switch Panel

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Switch Panels

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Switch panels are boards designed for electrical control systems. The boards consist of text and holes in specified positions. The holes are each assigned to a particular component. The panels are usually made from an engraving laminate.

Boards with holes to accommodate components. Text engraved around and about.
Electrical covers, wiring concealers. A tidy finish, no loose ends.

A Guide to Switch Panels

The switch panels produced by Stamford Engraving are made from a laminate sometimes called Traffolyte or Formica. The material is available in a range of colours in thicknesses of 1˝mm and 3mm.

Switch panels are usually made to the specifications of a customer's drawing. The positions and diameters of the holes are accurately measured according to the drawing's instructions. The area immediately around the holes is left clear of text if indicated.

Stamford Engraving can produce switch panels up to a size of 600mm (2ft) wide by 375mm (14žin) high.

A Dictionary of Common Switch Panel Words
Alarm • Alternator • Amps • Battery • Boost • Charger • Circuit • Coolant • Current • Earth • Emergency
Engine • Failed • Fault • Generator • High • Lamp • Level • Load • Low • Mains • Mute • Off • Oil • On
Phase • Pressure • Reset • Start • Stop • Temperature • Test • Voltage • Voltmeter • Water